Hair Color Trends for Fall 2014

Now that fall is here, it’s only right that we guide you through the most beautiful trends of the season. We will kick of this Yoshi Fall Hairweek’s post with hair color trends for Fall 2014.

Once summer is over, many people tend to go dark with their hair. If you are a brunette or interested in being a brown haired beauty, there two gorgeous colors that can achieve this look, caramel brown and a deep chocolate brown.

fall brunette hair colors  Blondes:

Many people like to keep their goldie locks all year round and we can’t blame them. There is not much warmth trending this fall for blondes. This fall’s blondeshell looks are really cool, literally toned cool.fall blonde colors

Red Heads:
This fall the red hair colors are absolutely fierce! The trending unstoppable colors are auburn and copper. There is a stunning shade for every skin tone.

fall read head colors

Behind every dark could, there is a silver lining. That is no different with silver hair color. While the thought of it is initially questionable, there is no doubt that silver made our list because of how unique and chic it looks on a woman.silver hair colors

Rose Gold:
Our ultimate favorite color of the season is by far, rose gold. We just cannot get enough of it. This fall color trend is perfect in every way. It is daring, but not too daring. Chic, but not overstated. Rose gold hair color is fun, classy, and makes the complexion glow.

rose gold hair colors

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