How to Get the Beach Wave Look

The beach wave look has been in style for a while. I think it’s safe to say it is here to stay. It has become a timeless look with multiple opportunities that can be dressed up or dressed down. Achieving this look is pretty simple for all hair types.

Here’s how you can get the beach wave look.
Straight Hair
Here are two ways:
  • After you have washed your hair, apply a texturizing wave spray to damp hair (Use an upward scrunching motion starting at the tips of your hair). Let your hair air dry. Then use a medium size curling iron, taking about 2 inches thick of hair and wrapping it around the barrel. Last but not least, comb through your hair with your fingers, spritz a little more wave spray and you’re all set!
  • After washing your hair at night, apply texturizing wave spray to damp hair (Using an upward scrunching motion starting at the tips of your hair. Braid your hair in two french braids starting at the middle back of your head. Sleep on it. When you wake up loosen the braids and comb out with your fingers.
Wavy Hair
  • For those with wavy hair, apply a curl cream to damp hair. Put up in a bun and let your hair air dry. Once dry, touch up flat sections with a large barrel curling iron. Lastly, flip your head upside down, spray a texturizer all over, scrunch starting at the tip of your hair and voilà!
Curly Hair
  • To achieve this look with curly hair, it will take slightly more work. After showering, apply an anti-frizz, blow dry your hair fairly straight with a round brush. Then used a medium barrel sized curling iron and wrap 2 inch sections around the barrel. Add a texturizing wave spray during the process to hold the waves.
Relaxed Hair
  • Because relaxed hair is already chemically processed, it is extremely important that you use a heat protectant cream or serum. Then using a 1-2 inch barrel curling iron, wrap random sections of your hair around the barrel. Comb through with fingers and spray with hair spray to add texture and dimension.
There you have it. You’re now set to try it on your own.

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