The Truth about Japanese Hair Straightening

Everyone loves to have fabulous hair. Many women go above and beyond to achieve confidence from their hair, japanesehairstraightwhether it be from chopping it all off, coloring it, perming it, or straightening natural curls. Which is why it is also not a big surprise when the hair gets damaged. Japanese hair straightening is among one of the most popular treatments in the world; it also comes with some of the biggest misconceptions.

We begin by addressing the obvious downsides that people think of when they hear “Japanese straightening”:

  • Makes the hair stick straight
  • Roots grow out curly while the rest of the hair is straight
  • Is more damaging than perming
  • Does not last long

Jisan- Japanese Hair Straightening ExperJi San, an expert in Japanese hair straightening at Yoshi Hair Studio in Beverly Hills California, has been educating clients for years on why it is actually more beneficial for the hair and your confidence.

  1. Your hair does not HAVE to come out stick straight unless you want it to. Jisan likes leave body in the hair it make it look more natural. He does this by blow drying the hair with the treatment still in, rather than flat ironing it. And for the women who love their curls, there is a process that takes out the frizz while leaving the natural curl intact and bouncy.
  2. Because Ji San is not making the hair unmovably straight, growing roots are less noticeable and easier to manage.
  3. Japanese Hair Treatment is definitely not more damaging than perming. While perming is a chemical process that must be done with caution, Japanese hair straightening treatment is formaldehyde free and a lot less stressful on the hair.
  4. Last but not least, the misconception that it doesn’t last long. Japanese hair straightening actually lasts up to 6-8 months.

The battle between Brazilian and Japanese hair straightening has been going for years on which is less damaging or better for the hair. Everyone just looks for the next new thing rather than actually investigating. And while the Japanese hair treatment is slightly pricier than other straightening treatments, it by far surpasses others with what it can offer; straight, body, curly, frizz free, healthy hair, and long lasting.

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