2015 Hair Styles: The Right Up Do for any Occassion

How To:

Sarah Hyland Fishtail

For each of the styles, we use Yoshi’s Magic Water because of its quick fix properties such as giving hair a healthy shine and tames frizz without weighing the hair down.

The Perfect Fishtail:

Start out by spraying hair with Yoshi’s Magic Water and part hair to the side. Make four equal sections with the hair; starting with the left inside section, bring it under the left outside section, then pull the inside right section under the outside right section and continue to braid. It is important that the inside sections are all equal.
Tip: If you don’t want the band to show tease the ends.


First spray Yoshi’s Magic Water and brush through the hair. Start blow drying hair by section starting at the bottom to smooth out the hair. Then tease just the crown of the head and spray roots with hair spray. Follow by parting the hair into two sections, a top and bottom. Then separate sections with two rubber bands like two pony tails. Smooth the hair at the top. Then split the bottom pony down the middle and slide the top pony in there then twist the two pony tails together and pin it.

The Glamorous High Pony Tail:15th Annual Warner Bros and InStyle Golden Globe Awards After Party

First spray Yoshi’s Magic Water. Then blow dry the hair casually until dry. Follow by tipping the head upside down, then gather a pony tail just back from the top of the head. Make sure the base of the pony tail is in line with the chin, use a rubber band to secure. Then take a thick strand of hair to wrap around the rubber band and pin to secure. Spray the hair with hair spray to tame fly away strands of hair.

Yoshi’s Magic Water 3.3 FL OZ.  $14
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