New Product: The Magic of Mushrooms

This is a revolutionary anti-aging product produced of bio nutrients from within plant biology. Fast absorbing and targeted, hair and scalp treatments in beverly hills, cathis complex delivers a high-potency dose of micro-nutrients to super-charge, strengthen, and repair cells.

What’s in it:

  • Vitamin D2(Ergocalciferol) is a plant-based form of vitamin D. The vitamin D comes straight from the plant and is enriched through a patented UV light technology. Vitamin D helps reduce stress and depression, which are both the leading causes of hair loss.
  • A rich blend of essential oils adds hydrating and soothing properties. Moroccan Argan Oil, Rosemary Oil, Lemon Peel Oil, Lavender Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, and others work together synergistically to heal and regenerate at a cellular level.
  • Vital nutrientsin a potent blend of over 3,000 enzymes, antioxidants, and probiotics work with the body’s complex biological system to maximize absorption and metabolism of nutrients.

Research Results: (based on a study with 20 participants using the conditioning treatment and daily supplements in combination)

Immediately after application:

– 97% agreed that their hair was shinier and smoother
– 96% felt that their hair appeared more hydrated and healthy

After 4 weeks of use:

– 88% saw hair retention (less hair in the drain and on pillow)
– 99% felt their hair appeared healthier and more voluptuous
– 94% noticed a volume increase

After 8 weeks of use:Scalp Conditioning Treatment Beverly Hills

– 89% reported hair strength improvement
– 92% reported hair flexibility improvement
– 75% reported faster hair growth

The Conditioning Treatment:
A daily hair and scalp conditioning treatment with a hydrating and smoothing formulation of pure essential oils – coconut oil, argan oil (infused with Vitamin D), rosemary, lemon peel, lavender, and sweet almond oil – work together to replenish hair and nourish scalp.

The Ergo Boost Complex delivers potent micronutrients to both hair and scalp to recharge and protect them from daily stresses and future damage. Targeted delivery of essential nutrients soothes scalp and activates cellular regeneration to encourage hair growth and repair for thicker, shinier, healthier-looking hair.


  • Scalp: Essential age-fighting nutrients and rich essential oils deliver key nutrients directly to the scalp to immediately sooth the surface of the scalp, reduce inflammation and protect from further irritation.
  • Hair: Key nutrients activate cellular regeneration to encourage hair growth and repair for thicker, shinier, healthier-looking hair.

Daily Replenishing Supplements
GROH Supplement in Beverly HillsA whole food, all-natural dietary supplement containing a blend of six ultra-potent mushrooms promotes detoxification, reduces inflammation, boosts energy and offers nutritional support for cellular health of skin, hair, scalp, nails, and lashes.

Ultra-potent, all-natural supplement offers nutritional support for cellular health for stronger skin, hair, scalp, nails, and lashes. Rich in the antioxidant Ergothioneine, Vitamin D and other bio nutrients, this formula replenishes the body’s essential building blocks and supports a healthy immune system.


  • Hair Results: Smooths and increases shine. Strengthens and stimulates growth.
  • Nail Results: Strengthens and fortifies nails, stimulates growth.
  • Skin Results: Inhibits the oxidation process and limits the spread of free radicals for more radiant, resilient, younger looking skin. Diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and gives skin radiance and glow.
  • Well-being Results: Reduces inflammation, strengthens immune system, boosts energy.

Here is why we like it:
The Ergo Boost Complex offers a blend of rich antioxidants and bio nutrients. Ergothioneine (Ergo) found in mushrooms and has been uncovered to play a vital role in preventing cell death by offering protection from oxidative damage, a major contributor in early aging.

The GROH Ergo Boost Complex works internally with the body’s biologic system to fulfill nutritional needs that you don’t get from a daily diet. These ingredients work synergistically to supply the body with the nutrients it needs to support healthy skin, scalp, hair, and nails.

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