Blow Out Class in Beverly Hills, CA by Yoshi Hagiwara

Before you get started, it is important to take into consideration your face shape, hair texture, tools, and products in Yoshi Hagiwara Blow Out Class in Beverly Hillsproducing the perfect blowout. First things first; How do you normally wear your hair? What is the kind of hairstyle you would like to achieve? These questions are important because they help you determine how to go about getting a professional look.

Ionic Hair Dryer

  • Positive and negative ions exist in all substances. When hair is wet, it is positively charged. Ionic hair dryers “restructure” by bathing the hair in negative ions, which allow water molecules to penetrate deep into the hair. As a result, hair is left rehydrated and reconditioned with each use of ionic hair dryer.

Once you learn how to do it right while taking your time, a good blowout can last for several days.

Step by step:

  1. Apply product to towel-dried hair
  • The secret is to coat every strand of hair with a good styling product is key to the perfect blowout. It adds body to fine, limp hair or keeps frizz at bay for thick and curly hair.
  1. Divide and conquer
  • Divide your hair into two inch sections.
  • Be sure to use hair clips that can hold thick sections.
  1. Pick your brush
  • Make sure the dryer is blowing in the direction of the ends.
  • Make sure hair is completely dry before moving on to the next section of hair (If your hair still feels cool when you’re finished, it means that your hair is still wet).
    • For a sleek and smooth look, use a small paddle brush with bristles that are closely packed together.
    • For a voluminous look, use a round brush that is big enough to grab the divided sections of your hair. Rotate it through your hair from root to tip; this will prevent tangles and increase volume.

The blow out class at Yoshi Hair Studio in Beverly Hills, CA  is $250

  • Yoshi will teach you how to blow out your hair according to the style you want to achieve, as well as recommending the right products for your hair texture.

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