2015 Winter Hair Trends with Jisan

Jisan is a graduate of Vidal Sassoon. His style is defined as conservative with a new age twist. Jisan’s love for fashion allowsJisan- Japanese Hair Straightening Exper him the ability to take classic precision cuts and make them youthful and trendy. He find’s his vision for each client by analyzing individual face shape while bearing in account the body and face line for length and shape. Jisan accentuates his client’s best features and avoids any style that will emphasize the worst features.

To keep on top of the latest hair trends, we asked Jisan what kind of hair trends we can expect to see this winter “Medium length hair is not going anywhere, and neither is the lob. However, we can expect to see an updated version of it. A much more un-kept look as opposed to the clean and polished straight or curling iron waves. Say goodbye to ombre because this seasons color is conservative and a lot more natural looking. We will continue to see darker tones that look to be one shade but may have very subtle highlights for dimension.

With over 20 years of salon experience, Jisan is an expert in beauty and is a great compliment to the team at Yoshi Hair Studio.

To book an appointment with Jisan, click here to book online or dial 310.285.9910 to book over the phone.

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