HBL Hair Hroducts


A product that we are completely in love with right now is HBL. Hbl Hair Care is a holistic approach to hair care using healthier ingredients without sacrificing performance. Gentle pH stable formulas provide superior cleaning, conditioning and styling, all while focusing on maintaining and enhancing hair that has been colorized or chemically processed.

Hbl is motivated to help others make healthy lifestyle choices, hbl Founder Patrick Dockry, drew from decades of experience in the beauty industry to create this premium line. Together with his development team stayed away from from questionable ingredients, opting instead for healthier alternatives such as the highest quality cleaning agents, virtually allergen-free fragrances, and unique active ingredients all in stable pH formulas.

Hbl products are ph balanced to work with your body’s natural acid mantel balance, your body’s first line of defense. hbl shampoos gently cleanse without opening the cuticle, stripping color, or damaging fragile hair while deeply restorative conditioners and treatments soothe and soften hair leaving your strands shiny and touch-ably silky.

Hbl is super concentrated so you don’t need to use a lot of product which adds even more value to this benefit-packed line.

Hbl guarantees satisfaction! Their goal is to offer the highest quality hair care products available to provide exceptional customer service at each opportunity.

Hbl Hair Care now proudly offers its new line so that you can experience the holistic difference for yourself.

Call us today to Order from Yoshi Hair Studio (310) 285-9910

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