Fall 2015 Hair Trends with Color Expert, Colette Hagiwara

Colette Hagiwara is an owner of Yoshi Hair Studio in Beverly Hills, California. She spent 24 years at one of Beverly Hills most elite salon on Rodeo Dr. before deciding to open her own hair studio. Colette often teaches her superior color techniques at Yoshi Hair Studio and sometimes off location at other hair salons. Color is her passion. She takes her time and is always up to date on the latest trends and techniques so that she may be able to create a customized experience for each individual client. Because Colette has established herself as one of the best colorists in the industry, we asked her about what she envisions to be some of fall’s latest trends.

“Natural is back. We won’t be seeing much of ombre anymore. The key will be to connect the clients color into existing ombre to create a more unanimous look with subtle natural looking highlights for dimension.”

Fall 2015 Hair Color: Fall Trends with Jessica Stein

With the end of summer approaching, we thought it only fitting to bring you our latest thought on what you’ll be seeing in hairHair Extensions in Beverly Hills-Yoshi Hair Studio trends for early fall 2015. We asked our very own Jessica Stein what she envisions for this fall 2015 hair color trends and this is what she said “People will be growing out their bobs, we’ll also see more face framing styles as opposed to blunt style. As for color, I think we see a more natural look coming back. We’ll see more solid natural colors and very subtle balayage”.

Jessica specializes in both styling and color. However, she finds herself gravitating more toward the emphasis of color because she has been mixing, matching, and blending since a young age.

“I love the overall beauty experience that I get to give women in accentuating their femininity”.

For inspiration on each client, Jessica examines the natural color and tries to create something that is easy to maintain for her client’s day to day lifestyle while adding subtle accentuation.

“I try to switch it up for my clients so they don’t get bored with their color. Subtle is key. A few pieces around the face make all the difference in brightening up someone’s appearance. If executed correctly it will brighten up the face without damaging the hair”

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Summer Hair Color Trends: Lets Ask Balayage Expert Vanessa Ramos

Vanessa Ramos is a San Diego native and expert colorist who has had the privilege of working under celebrity stylist, Vanessa-Ramos Yoshi Hagiwara. Vanessa is best known for customizing color and her technique with Balayage. She strives to create beautiful color to enhance natural beauty. Always keeping her clients looking and feeling youthful and most importantly maintaining the integrity of their hair. Vanessa crafts rich, sultry brunette looks, uses her strong techniques with Ombré and Balayage to achieve a beautiful blonde goddess, as well as a bold, warm copper red heads. Vanessa finds inspiration in magazine, Pinterest, and Instagram, while incorporating her clients’ requests. When she meets with her clients, Vanessa listens carefully to what they’re envisioning, and creates something that complements their environment and lifestyle. While Vanessa works well with all hair colors, her specialty are blondes “I am very good at blonding. Platinum blonde is really in right now and so it had been fun getting people to that color while sometimes pushing the limits with getting people outside of their color comfort zone.” Vanessa also specializes in extensions. Most people want extensions for length, style, or volume, but she really encourages people to get extensions for color “with blonding, sometimes we don’t realize that people have in blonde extensions to make them blonder. It can help keep your look versatile without causing much damage to the hair.”

When Vanessa is not in the salon, she spends her free time living a healthy lifestyle. Growing up on the coast, she has become accustomed to being very active with various activities such as paddle boarding, sailing, running, and cooking. This summer 2015 season, Vanessa predicts that we will see a lot platinum blonde. We will also see a lot of pastel colors, but are extremely high maintenance. And of course the forever timeless look of voluminous waves.

Vanessa believes that hair is the first thing people see and so it must make a statement. Whether it be a color or a cut. It is her extreme attention to detail, patience, and dedication to every client that has made her a valued resource within the beauty industry.

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Summer Hair Color 2015: Lighten Up with Balayage

Ready for a summertime color change? Summer is always about lightening the hair for a fresh sun kissed look. This season we’re seeing color on a more natural scale with subtle balayage for accent rather than full-blown highlights.

What is balayage? Balayage is a French word for “to sweep”, it is a technique that is used to highlight the hair in which the color is painted on and creates natural looking dimension.

Balayage is low maintenance and gives your hair a healthy finish. Painted highlights is the chicest way to brighten up your hair for summer. Less is definitely more this season.

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