Holiday Hair Inspiration

The holidays always call for dreamy and over-the-top hairdo’s that will make you shine brighter than those twinkling lights on the Christmas tree. From the office Christmas party to the New Year’s Eve gala, we have put together a few holiday hairstyles that will help you achieve festive magic this season. Continue reading

2015 Winter Hair Trends- Bangs!

We’re in November now and that means winter is getting closer and closer. With that said, it’s time that we start looking at winter 2015 hair trends. One look that I can guarantee we’re going to see a lot of, are bangs. These are not the same blunt bangs that we’ve seen in the past, but rather they are a bit shaggy. The new fringes have a grown-out feel that just barely skim the eyes. 

Bangs will frame the face and accentuate the cheekbones. Bring one of the photos to your stylist for your winter appointment. 

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2015 Winter Hair Trends with Jisan

Jisan is a graduate of Vidal Sassoon. His style is defined as conservative with a new age twist. Jisan’s love for fashion allowsJisan- Japanese Hair Straightening Exper him the ability to take classic precision cuts and make them youthful and trendy. He find’s his vision for each client by analyzing individual face shape while bearing in account the body and face line for length and shape. Jisan accentuates his client’s best features and avoids any style that will emphasize the worst features.

To keep on top of the latest hair trends, we asked Jisan what kind of hair trends we can expect to see this winter “Medium length hair is not going anywhere, and neither is the lob. However, we can expect to see an updated version of it. A much more un-kept look as opposed to the clean and polished straight or curling iron waves. Say goodbye to ombre because this seasons color is conservative and a lot more natural looking. We will continue to see darker tones that look to be one shade but may have very subtle highlights for dimension.

With over 20 years of salon experience, Jisan is an expert in beauty and is a great compliment to the team at Yoshi Hair Studio.

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Fall 2015 Hair Trends with Casey Richards

Voted best blow-dry and style in Marin county, along with an extensive client list of politicians and tech gurus, Casey Casey-Richards-Beauty-and-hairstyling-expertRichards has decided to bring his talents to Southern California. He began his journey into the beauty business based on his own experiences as a loyal client growing up. He realized looking your best on the outside, makes you feel your best on the inside.  Richards was very much aware how much confidence it gave him to feel beautiful and vowed to strive in helping others to feel the same way. As an artist he is naturally drawn to the love of creating. He acknowledges the importance of good color, but goes on to say “Behind the chair, you are one of two things, a sculptor or a painter, of course some are exceptional at both, but I prefer to sculpt with my cutting and styling.” Casey Richards’ services include cutting, styling, smoothing, and extensions. After a thorough consultation, he identifies the client’s best attributes and in turn creates a look that will best accentuate those features. Richards finds that his specialty is in cutting “to me, the craft is in the cut, and I love seeing the finished look.”

With summer officially ended, I asked Casey what he predict to be in style for hair fashion during this fall 2015 season “I think fall is going to be full hair and full of movement. I don’t think the LOB is going anywhere anytime soon. Everyone is growing out their hair. We’ll see a lot of medium length with more texture. And of course we will see fall tones for hair color. Everyone will go a shade darker”.

Casey Richards believes that hair is the first thing that people see and so it must make a statement. It is with his extreme attention to detail, patience, and dedication to every client that he has become a valued resource in the beauty industry. When he is not in the salon, Casey is an accomplished equestrian and has found it to be a deep inspiration “I used to run patterns, the motions and movements of the horse and the interpersonal connection that you have with the animal is a beautiful feeling”.

Fall 2015 Hair Trends with Color Expert, Colette Hagiwara

Colette Hagiwara is an owner of Yoshi Hair Studio in Beverly Hills, California. She spent 24 years at one of Beverly Hills most elite salon on Rodeo Dr. before deciding to open her own hair studio. Colette often teaches her superior color techniques at Yoshi Hair Studio and sometimes off location at other hair salons. Color is her passion. She takes her time and is always up to date on the latest trends and techniques so that she may be able to create a customized experience for each individual client. Because Colette has established herself as one of the best colorists in the industry, we asked her about what she envisions to be some of fall’s latest trends.

“Natural is back. We won’t be seeing much of ombre anymore. The key will be to connect the clients color into existing ombre to create a more unanimous look with subtle natural looking highlights for dimension.”

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Fall 2015 Hair Color: Fall Trends with Jessica Stein

With the end of summer approaching, we thought it only fitting to bring you our latest thought on what you’ll be seeing in hairHair Extensions in Beverly Hills-Yoshi Hair Studio trends for early fall 2015. We asked our very own Jessica Stein what she envisions for this fall 2015 hair color trends and this is what she said “People will be growing out their bobs, we’ll also see more face framing styles as opposed to blunt style. As for color, I think we see a more natural look coming back. We’ll see more solid natural colors and very subtle balayage”.

Jessica specializes in both styling and color. However, she finds herself gravitating more toward the emphasis of color because she has been mixing, matching, and blending since a young age.

“I love the overall beauty experience that I get to give women in accentuating their femininity”.

For inspiration on each client, Jessica examines the natural color and tries to create something that is easy to maintain for her client’s day to day lifestyle while adding subtle accentuation.

“I try to switch it up for my clients so they don’t get bored with their color. Subtle is key. A few pieces around the face make all the difference in brightening up someone’s appearance. If executed correctly it will brighten up the face without damaging the hair”

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